Rolling Stones


Installation: The Rolling Stones

Dance experience meets sculpture park meets soundscape experience. Rolling Stones are Henry Moore-esque sculptures that make music which changes when you spin, stroke or lift the sculptures up. Suddenly your walk in the park is full of music. Caressing smooth marble as never been so fun. A chance to participate with your environment in a completely new way.

Developed at the Pervasive Media Studio with Matthew Bickerton and Alice Helps, with the support of Hide and Seek, the Rolling Stones premiered at the South Bank Centre London, and have just returned from Solo International Performing Arts in Indonesia.

Show: Captured In Stone

Using the Guerilla Dance Projects’ Rolling Stones as a contemporary “Henry Moore-esque stone sculpture” this dance piece combines a self composing soundscape made by the moving of the stones, augmented with a rhythmical dance layer created live with tap dancing. The story of a woman waiting for the man who never comes, the show plays with our memories of meeting points, and monuments in particular.

“A vivacious female dancer, able to mesmerise audiences with impressive tap dancing prowess, despite dancing by herself, dramatically assisted by 4 assorted stones resembling rocks she delivered emotion to the audience. Uniquely the balls are not just for their appearance, their movement creates the accompanying music.”