Press Play

Press Play (Tocá Aí)

Press Play – or ‘Toca Aí – is a project that creates musical interventions that activate public spaces. Based around impromptu and transitory moments of collaborative musical play, Press Play links strangers to each other, individuals to urban space and creates moments of surprise, delight and connection.
Press Play works by installing simple, touch sensitive panels in any public space. Each sensor is programmed with a channel of a musical track, which will play when touched. Multiple sensors can be touched to play more layers of sound, but to play a whole piece, to remix music, or improvise with sounds, it is essential for several people to play together.
The project developed from conversation around experiences that make living in a city a unique and joyous experience. Time and again music emerges as a common theme in people’s memories of the times they felt most connected to their city. Hearing music in an unexpected space can act as a ‘portal’ to a memory or a feeling, of joyousness, of dancing, of Carnival, of colour. Press Play creates these ‘portals’ within the fabric of the city, activated through your (individual) touch, and amplified by working with others around you, creating transient moments of coming together, reflection and joy.
Press Play can be developed into a series of connected interventions across the city. Beginning with a musical installation in one central location, the project will become a ripple effect of sonic interventions across a city. Interventions will pop up in different locations, on different scales, and with different kinds of music. Open for all to play, at night the installations transform; when enough people are playing, lights at every location will pulse with a glowing ambience, linking players city-wide and inviting more to join the game.

Shortlisted for the Playable City Award 2014, and seen in the The Guardian, Brazilian national press, and Wired Magazine

Created by
Laura Kriefman, Filipe Calegario, Natasha Chubbuck
and Thais Vidal as part of the Recife: Playable City Sprint 2014.