Kicking the Mic

So we’ve just had our second two-day R and D on Kicking the Mic:

This is a project that fuses tap dancing, looping and live Midi manipulation of sound.
Imagine seeing a full composition created before your eyes by one dancer.
It’s a fantastically challenging project- sparking great conversation about the relationship between composition, dance and audience engagement.

We’ve found ourselves talking about making an album. What we’re really taking ourselves to task on is:
*crafting an emotional arch for an audience
*creating a satisfying show- something that is engaging, challenging and which the audience wants to see
*Finding the sweet spot between the live composition (satisfying the wish to craft great tracks) and the live performative elements- making sure it’s engaging to watch physically.
* Telling stories. About Feet.

Here’s a couple of snippets from rehearsals. Would love to hear what you think!