Hidden Fields

I had a project email today, discussing a working title “Hidden Fields”. And I like it. I really like it- and mostly because this morning I have been thinking. Yep. Mulling actually, over the hidden fields that influence our decisions.

Admittedly- I didn’t know that was what I was trying to figure out. It hit me when a friend said “It’s not about what you should do- what would you love to do?” I laughed, but as I was walking away I started thinking about one of those solar system brass models, that you sometimes find in old libraries. All these interelated spheres, moving collectively, but not in sync.

And I wondered, (as I wandered) which object in that solar system I was standing on today.

And suddenly I got excited about focussing the next weekend of dS workshops on the impact of the dancers being in sync, or out of sync, of moving in different time frames and how the scale of momvement affects our musical soundsapes.